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El Programa CounterMeasures® usado para la Administración de Riesgos, es el estándar de la Industria para identificar, cuantificar y manejar diversos tipos de Riesgos.

Numerosas Agencias del Gobierno y Organizaciones Comerciales, usan el Programa CounterMeasures®, para asistirse con la Identificación y Administración en la Seguridad Física, Infraestructura Crítica, Seguridad de la Información y Seguridad en los Puertos Marítimos. Al medir las Vulnerabilidades de la Infraestructura Crítica o la Información de un amplio Proyecto, contra la efectividad de las Contramedidas in-situ y apropiadas Amenazas,CounterMeasures® calcula los niveles de Riesgo y mide los acatamientos con las Reglas apropiadas o Regulaciones.


¿Cuál es su estrategia para asegurar sus bienes y reducir sus Riesgos? ¿Ha pensado Ud. en sus riesgos contra la Fuerza de Protección contra el Terrorismo? Para analizar como CounterMeasures® puede ayudarle a su organización a relacionar la Ciencia que determina las Vulnerabilidades con el Arte de manejar los Riesgos, contáctese con el Equipo para la Administración de Riesgos en CounterMeasures® al siguiente correo eléctronico:




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CounterMeasures® is a proven risk analysis solution that has been applied to address a wide range of risk disciplines including physical security, operations security, critical infrastructure, information security, port security, anti-terrorism force protection, and school security. CounterMeasures® is a scalable web-based program that is usually delivered as a pay-as-you-go web-service. (Though we do offer client-hosted solutions when they are specially requested.) With CounterMeasures® risk assessment services, you also get access to the world class service and support both to help extend your success in risk management.

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About Enterprise Risk Management
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is all about understanding and managing the impact that threats and hazards have on your operations. ERM begins with an analysis of your business’ assets, business processes, and threat environment and then allows you to use your resources most effectively to minimize the losses to your operations. It's an overall process to help you gain more insight into the relationships between threats, vulnerabilities, and hazards so you can develop smarter, safer courses of action that will benefit both you and your customers. It’s very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on ERM. After all, while a winning business plan can’t maximize profits without minimizing losses.


Successful ERM can involve many different areas of your company including security, safety, and compliance. Thankfully, these are all areas where offers a technology solution and more. With CounterMeasures® web-ERM software, you can mind your business and your budget while getting up and running in with the world's leading Enterprise Risk Management solution.


With ERM solutions from, you’ll streamline and automate assessment, analysis and reporting processes, which allows you to give everyone in your company a view of their portion of the company’s risk profile. Then, CounterMeasures® provides them deeper analysis and insight into possible remediation actions keep everyone focused on getting new customers while keeping the ones you already have happy.


PC-based ERM Software vs. Web ERM
Traditional PC-based ERM software has been overtaken in recent years by Web ERM, also known as “online ERM”, “hosted ERM, and “on-demand ERM.” Today, more companies than ever are turning to the Web, and specifically to, for ERM solutions.


Why? Because in both business and governmental endeavors, it's more important than ever to have a holistic understating of the threats and vulnerabilities that impact your assets, processes and missions. It’s equally essential to gain this insight and direction without a big up-front software investment that's expensive to install and maintain. With’s pay-as-you-go model, the price of success is dramatically lower.


Web ERM Promises High Value and Low Up-Front Investment. Eliminating the need for a big up-front capital investment offers an immediate shortcut to ERM success. All of the CounterMeasures® risk analysis software products are available on a monthly pay-as-you-go arrangement. So, where customers could reasonable expect to spend thousands (and in some cases hundreds of thousands) of dollars in hardware and licensing, they can now start up with as little as $100 per user per month.


Web-Based ERM Offers Quick Deployment. Web ERM delivers a secure hosting environment while avoiding the long lead times and lengthy certification/installation processes common in government and commercial IT departments. Our ‘Risk Manager’ and ‘Team’ users can get started right away using out-of-the-box ready physical security and information security programs. Our “Group” and “Enterprise” ERM implementations usually happen in a matter of weeks or months, with the additional time used for the customization that those users typically desire; this compares to 12 months or longer with traditional client/server ERM software.


Hosted ERM Makes Customization Much Easier. With online ERM solutions like CounterMeasures® ‘Group’ and ‘Enterprise’, basic customizations are performed in an administration module and are instantaneously available to all business users without having to upgrade individual users’ workstations.

On-Demand ERM Provides Unlimited Scalability. allows you to scale your implementation fast—without incurring high costs or waiting weeks or months.


Web ERM Features Painless Upgrades. Because deployments of new ERM features are virtually instantaneous, you’re always on the latest version with web-based ERM systems—so upgrades are painless. Going through an upgrade of CounterMeasures ERM is simple; just login and all of the new “stuff” is there and working right away after the upgrade.


On-Premise ERM Software. Although CounterMeasures® focuses on delivering web-based, on-demand solutions, for customers who need client-site-hosted solutions for business or regulatory reason, the CounterMeasures® team has solutions for you. Simply contact us to discuss options.

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