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Gain facility security optimization, in one comprehensive CounterMeasures package, now with certification from the DHS-chaired Interagency Security Committee (ISC).


In an era of evolving threats and constrained resources, Federal agencies must employ an all-encompassing approach to security and prioritize those measures that can reduce risk. To this end, the ISC has certified CounterMeasures as the first Department of Defense (DoD)-sponsored tool for risk assessment and analysis of federally staffed facilities not located on a military base.


The ISC’s Risk Management Process, consistent with Executive Order 12977 and amended by Executive Order 13286, is intended to be applied to all buildings and facilities in the United States occupied by Federal employees for nonmilitary activities to include- existing owned, to be purchased or leased facilities, stand-alone facilities, Federal campuses, individual facilities in Federal campuses, and special use facilities.


The incorporation of these Federal security standards are established by the ISC into the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) for off-installation facility leased space. This applies to all leases managed by the department as well as the space occupied in buildings owned and operated by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).  Current tenants of these installations are required to implement the ISC standards in accordance with existing lease agreements to the extent practicable.


The Risk Management Process defines the criteria and processes that those responsible for the security of a facility should use to determine its facility security level (FSL), and to provides an integrated, single source of physical security countermeasures for all Federal facilities. The standard further provides guidance for customization of the countermeasures for facilities and the integration of new standards and concepts contained in the Interagency Security Committee’s (ISC) published guidelines, including:

  • The Design-Basis Threat,
  • The Facility Security Committee,
  • Other guidance.

The Risk Management Process not only provides an introduction to the risk management process but, in addition, outlines the approach necessary to identify, assess, and prioritize the risks to Federal facilities, proceeded by a coordinated application of countermeasures to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of an unfortunate event from occurring. These decisions are based on the application of risk assessment, risk mitigation, and when necessary and/or otherwise reasonably unavoidable-risk acceptance.


By comparison to other traditional analysis programs, the CounterMeasures (ISC Cert.) allows a facility to achieve an in-depth, cost comparative look at the facilities' risk posture, enabling a decision maker to achieve the most "bang for their buck."


CounterMeasures administers the results from the Risk Management Process advertently in one simple analysis, identifying areas of wasted resources that can be applied to unmitigated risks. To take a more comprehensive and granular approach, the software also includes its own analysis, taking a deeper look into the assessment. Here, a side-by-side comparison of a facilities risk can be evaluated using a comprehensive C*V*T analysis. This analysis also includes a synopsis of risk reduction per dollar allowing a decision maker to get the most effective cost savings while allowing for the implementation of the most cost effective countermeasures. 


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